What We Do

Klinical Health care

LogIQ Health is an AI based platform, named EVVA, that reimagines Remote Patient Monitoring. Using a series of algorithms EVVA can provide users with disease risk factors assessment, differential diagnosis according to patients history, physical exams and tests. Monitor patients and alert medical staff for any need of intervention.

Logiq goes further in automating healthcare by using a combination of both software and on-demand labor. Our "Presence" service efficiently provides patients with experienced qualified medical staff for at home, in-person medical services. Our platform uses software, telemedicine, and technology to assist patients in monitoring, and connecting to health professionals on-demand.

Clinician Services
Hydration Therepy
Medical Record Management
Remote Patient Monitoring

Who We Are

LogIQ HealthLogiq Health is an innovative new “service on demand” healthcare platform, bringing the medical clinic to the doors of patients through technology and our growing network of health professionals. Logiq Health is positioning itself to bring patients and providers together more efficiently. Our “Presence” service is summoned on-demand through a mobile application or the web and promptly fulfilled offline through appointments, delivery or in-person service. Where possible, blood draws, pharmacy delivery, and imaging and many other services can be brought to the patient. Patients can also continue to use our full range of services for the lifetime of their families.

Why Choose Us

Simplified Communications

Logiq lets you get all your live chat, e-mail, and Messenger communication in one panel.

Quick Response

EVVA's prognosis model allows for 24/7 monitoring and rapid response to critical issues.

Easy Reports

Logiq lets you build the reports you need for charting, billing, and easy monitoring.

Advanced Technology

Real-time tools and rich insights mean our support and intervention solutions amplifies your staff for an unbeatable experience.

Secure Video Calling Intervention

Logiq Health's encrypted video will give providers and patients a clear communication experience.

Dedicated Dashboard Support

Using EVVA you can automate your schedule, connect, engage, educate, guide, monitor, and intervene, giving providers and patients a greater path to success.

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